ACME Technologies | 4
The future is here. ACME Technologies automates your ticketing, admissions, group sales, membership, events, education, donations, and retail, unifying all visitor spending into one place and centralizing your commerce operations.

ACME's team blends an incredible combination of cultural institution veterans and Silicon Valley leadership from Exploratorium and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to Ticketmaster and PayPal. Come see the new age, mobile-oriented platform that leading edge museums have embraced!

Axiell | 6/7
Axiell is the leading provider of collections management software solutions world wide. Our market leading position makes us a secure, sustainable and stable partner for your institution.

Adopting an Axiell solution is an investment in your institution’s future. With more than 3400 Archives, Libraries and Museums using Axiell products, we have the experience, expertise and resources to provide the very best collections management solutions for today and and continued development for tomorrow.

CultureConnect | 8
CultureConnect creates beautiful and meaningful digital experiences for museums and cultural tourism organizations. Our award-winning mobile tours, tablet apps, city guides, scavenger hunts, and interactive exhibits are all powered by our easy-to-use platform.

Design for Context | 3
Design for Context makes software applications and web sites easy to use and understand. We specialize in sophisticated interactive application design, linked open data, search strategy, and information-rich environments. We are your knowledgeable partners in the digital humanities, having designed interactive online catalogs, Web-based academic publications, and applications custom-built for museum professionals. We collaborate with collections specialists, curators, IT staff, educators, and visitors to design compelling and usable digital information. Elegant, effective, engaging, and accessible solutions — we make the difference for your institution and your users.

Encurate Mobile Technology | 21
With Encurate Mobile Technology, museums create custom mobile experiences that highlight their space without distracting from it. Encurate features a streamlined content management system, a powerful analytics dashboard, social media integration, beacon technology, and much more.

Gallery Systems | 13
Gallery Systems provides collections management software solutions to institutions with collections of any type and size.

Google Cultural Institute | 14
The Google Cultural Institute (g.co/ci/about) is a non-profit Google initiative that supports over 1,000 cultural institutions from 70 countries and builds technologies (described here) to help them preserve and promote their collections online. At the booth, we will be showing some of the latest developments of the Google Cultural Institute: some of the latest projects on the website on laptops, the Google Arts and Culture app on phones and/or tablets and possibly a small Expeditions kit.

Gretel | 5
The museum app solution Gretel enhances the onsite and off-site museum experience. Gretel powers interactive, immersive, and intuitive art experiences that allow institutions to truly shine. With the thoughtful integration of beacon technology, visitors are presented with contextual content that elegantly augments their experience — encouraging deeper exploration, discovery, engagement and sharing.

Guide ID | 31
Guide ID is the successful supplier of the Podcatcher audio guide. We are active across Europe and the United States. In 2009 the first Podcatchers were used in the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Now, 7 years later we have completed more than 350 projects in 15 countries and almost 8 million visitors have taken a Podcatcher tour. Only two months ago the 100 millionth story was told on a Podcatcher. We dare to say we have world's easiest audio guide, come and try for yourself at our stand.

Guru | 11
Guru is a digital storytelling and technology company that creates apps and solutions for attractions including museums, parks, aquariums, zoos and neighborhoods to change the way attendees experience learning at cultural institutions. Guru creates content for tours, games, augmented reality, virtual reality and more while utilizing cutting-edge solutions to help users easily navigate and explore their surroundings. The app, customized for each institution, is easily downloadable and available on iOS and Android devices and serves as an expert tour guide to encourage users to take ownership of their own experiences in a modernized way.

Impact Communications | 20
Impact Communications creates compelling media and immersive exhibits. Since 1993, we have worked with museums across the country. Keeping in mind the target audience, project goals, and learning objectives, we effectively communicate in an entertaining and memorable way.

Recent projects include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Holographic Theater, Sensory Immersive Environment, Video Production, Content Development, Mission-Based Games, AR Sandbox, Theatrical Lighting, and Audio/Video/Lighting/Control Systems.

ListenUp Audio | 30
ListenUp Audio is an award-winning, spoken-word production company and audiobook publisher. We offer a full range of audio services and can handle the most complex productions.

We provide:
State-of-the art, fully equipped recording facilities
Experienced staff of technical and creative professionals
Diverse, professional talent pool
Quick turnaround times
Thorough quality control processes

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ListenUp has relationships with studios, agents, writers and narration talent around the world. We’re sensitive to tight budgets and deadlines, and we approach each project with an unparalleled dedication to quality.

Lucidea | 18
Lucidea Argus is a comprehensive, highly configurable collections management system that accommodates diverse curatorial and visitor engagement requirements. This integrated platform offers powerful access options including a Web portal for sharing collections information, and mobile capabilities for an enriched visitor experience. Illuminate the past, preserve it for the future: Argus

Made Media, Inc. | 1
Since 2002, Made Media has produced best-in-class websites and apps for our clients, including theatres, music venues, performing arts centres, museums, broadcast networks, and other creative organizations. We create beautiful work that delivers results and holds up under heavy load.

Madpixel | 9
Madpixel is focused on helping museums with their go-digital strategy. Our portfolio of products and services covers both digitization and digital publishing solutions:
- Art Gigapixel, our successful technology for works of art digitization, including gigapixel digitization (visible light and IR), photogrammetry, and others
- Second Canvas Modules, a cloud platform to build and manage your own collection mobile apps and other digital widgets
- Madgazine, our cloud solution for creating digital publications (virtual books, e-magazines, and so on) working on web, smartphones and tablets
Stay tuned and attend our workshops during the event!

Microsoft | 16
Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Come to our booth at Museums and the Web 2016 to find out what that means specifically for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Learn more about our free platforms and services such as software for nonprofits and Skype Virtual Field Trips. We will also highlight some of our recent technical partnerships with GLAM organizations.

MuseWeb Foundation | 29
The MuseWeb Foundation presents Be Here, its community-based storytelling initiative and audience development program. Come hear authentic voices from Baltimore, Minnesota, and around the US; add yours and learn how your organization can co-create cultural heritage storytellers in your community using new mobile and social tools.

NetX | 10
NetX is an expert solution provider in Digital Asset Management, its enterprise software is utilized by many of the world’s largest brands. The core NetX platform is offered both as a cloud-based service, and an on-premise solution, and has a strong presence in the cultural heritage community.

Patron Technology | 19
Patron Technology’s mission is to revolutionize the arts & entertainment industry by helping our customers build stronger and more profitable relationships with their patrons. PatronManager, our CRM system, combines box office ticketing, fundraising, marketing, and staff collaboration, built entirely on the cloud-based Salesforce platform.

Since launch in 2010, it has been the fastest growing platform for arts & culture organizations in the U.S. Over 600 organizations use PatronManager, primarily symphony orchestras, theatres, opera companies, dance companies, university performing arts centers, and museums.

Founded in 2001, Patron Technology became the leader in e-marketing technology for arts non-profits with its first product, PatronMail.

Piction | 15
Piction is a leading provider of Digital Asset Management and Content Distribution systems to the museum sector. Our platform is tailored specifically to address museum requirements including: • collection management systems integration • automated workflows such as object photography & event photography request and image/asset clearance • integration with web content management systems • management of traditional media types and emerging types • e-business for cost recovery based initiatives Our clients include Cleveland Museum of Art (used in Gallery One project), Balboa Park Online Collaborative, Toronto International Film Festival, The Dallas Museum of Art and

Tessitura Network | 2
Tessitura Software is a unified CRM system that is tailored to the needs of cultural organizations. It captures all customer interactions providing a complete, real-time snapshot of a visitor’s relationship with your organization. Memberships, admissions, education, marketing, development and more can tailor the software to meet their individualized needs. The result? Deeper visitor engagement, unparalleled organizational efficiency and more time devoted to advancing your mission.
The Tessitura Network is a nonprofit company that serves over 575 organizations on 3 continents. We have more than 75 museums, galleries and cultural attractions worldwide. Learn more by visiting us at tessituranetwork.com.

Veevart | 12
We are a US company who has partnered with Salesforce to provide the best technology available to actors in the art, design and cultural environment. We provide museums with a full customized Salesforce platform so they can manage their visitors, collection, ticketing and gift shop in a single place.

Wezit | 17
Wezit is a software solution dedicated to all the stakeholders engaged in the museum visit experience. The platform can be associated with custom software development services, creating the back end of a continuous experience from one device to the other. Wezit facilitates the creation of transmedia components, for an unforgettable visitor experience.