Creating the Visitor-Centered Museum: A Conversation between Peter Samis, Mimi Michaelson, & Carrie Barratt

Peter Samis, SFMOMA, USA, Carrie Barratt, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

Peter Samis and Mimi Michaelson’s ground-breaking new book poses the visitor-centered questions at the core of museum practice today: How are museums made relevant to a broad range of visitors? What are the internal struggles to reorganize and democratize our institutions? Carrie Barratt will quiz them further about their nationwide case studies and they, in turn, will bring their wisdom to bear on her experience during the digital transformation of visitor experience at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Together they will use these lenses to reflect on some of the most promising visitor-centered tech examples presented at MW 2017.

Samis, P. and M. Michaelson, "Creating the Visitor-Centered Museum." New York & London: Routledge, 2016.