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Full Registration

Includes access to all sessions, 1 ticket to each reception and a copy of the proceedings, but no workshops, tours or special events.

Just in Time Registration (payment before April 1, 2017): $800

Student Registration (payment before April 1, 2017): $400

Day Registration

No Reception tickets or Discounts

Day Registration Thursday: $400

Day Registration Friday: $400

Day Registration Saturday: $400


Tour: Tour of The Cleveland Museum of Art and Gallery One v.2: $75

Tour: Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland Tour: $75

Tour: Uncovering Cultural Infrastructure: Tour & Workshop on Cleveland’s Cultural Founders: $75


AM: The Lean Museum: metrics for innovation and continuous improvement (lean sigma white belt certification): $175

AM: Digital Asset Management for Museums with Hydra-in-a-Box: $175

AM: Leading from Within: Your Transformative Dialogue with Museum Leadership and your Colleagues: $175

AM: Release Your Inner Research Geek! Part 1: Bringing Evaluation to Your Museum: $175

AM: Effective Negotiation Strategies for Museum Technology Professionals: $175

AM: Thinking in CIDOC-CRM: $175

AM: Building an interactive storytelling experience with your collection's highest quality digitizations: $175

AM: Museum Content Strategy Workshop: $175

AM: A strategy for integrating museum information management systems: $175

PM: Design Sprints for Awesome Teams: Running Design Sprints for Rapid Digital Product Development: $175

PM: Jumpstarting Your Digital Project: $175

PM: Innovative Applications and Data Sharing with Linked Open Data in Museums: Exploring Principles and Examples: $175

PM: Release Your Inner Research Geek! Part 2: Learning from Your Visitors: $175

PM: Hands on with Nodel: Decentralised and open source multimedia control for museums and galleries: $175

PM: Using Customer Journey Mapping to Inform Content Strategy: $175

PM: Virtual Reality Museums: $175

PM: Partnering with Industry - How to set-up your own innovation program or co-working space: $175

PM: Inclusion and Diversity in the 21st Century Museum: $175

PM: 2017: The Year of Listening: $175

PM: How to write the perfect tender for digital projects: $175


Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2017 and MWA2016 (pre-order): $50

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2016 and MWA2015: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2015, MWA2014 and MWF2014: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2014 and MWA2013: $25

Museums and the Web 2013: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25

Museums and the Web 2012: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25