GLAMi nomination: Augmented Reality: Meet Cardinal Etienne-Rene

nominated by: Kari Kovach, The San Diego Museum of Art, USA
institution: The San Diego Museum of Art
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

The augmented reality experience Cardinal Etienne-Rene gives contemporary viewers a chance to interact with one of the thousands of pieces saved by the “Monuments Men” at the end of World War II. The AR experience is part of The San Diego Museum of Art’s mobile application created by The Guru.

In addition to educating the museum’s visitors about the piece’s history during WWII, the AR experience also brings to life additional information about the artist, Pompeo Girolamo Batoni, and the Cardinal himself. The viewer learns about the piece and its history by selecting from a set of questions to which the Cardinal answers.


Experience the Cardinal yourself in the AR section of the San Diego Museum of Art app with the picture below: