GLAMi nomination: Augmented Reality: Meet FDR

nominated by: Jonathan Williams, Pacific Battleship Center, USA
institution: Pacific Battleship Center
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

The augmented reality experience Meet FDR changes the way people interact with one of our country’s greatest battleships. Visitors are welcomed aboard the USS Iowa by President Roosevelt, learning about the historic voyage in 1943 where he and his staff were transported to Africa on their way to meet with Churchill and Stalin in Tehran. The AR experience is part of the Battleship Iowa app created by Guru.

In addition to the welcome message, the experience offers the viewer options to select additional messages from FDR: identifying unique features in the stateroom created for his voyage as well as telling the story of the incident with the destroyer William D. Porter that almost sunk the Iowa. Users can even take a picture with FDR to post to social media or save to their device.