GLAMi nomination: – the international network for curators of art from the Low Countries

nominated by: Dennis Driessen, CODART, The Netherlands
institution: CODART
category: Professional Development

CODART has launched its renewed website,, the leading online interactive international platform for Dutch and Flemish art in museums. Thanks to the financial support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Dioraphte Foundation, and the Friends of CODART Foundation, we were able to improve the look-and-feel and the usability of the website, edit and expand its content and add new features.

Ever since CODART was founded in 1998, the website has provided information about Dutch and Flemish art in museums all around the world. Following its award-winning expansions in 2002 and 2008, the time had come to upgrade the presentation of the Old Masters. Over the past year, CODART and its partners have worked hard to produce a new, improved website that makes the museum heritage originating from the Netherlands that is dispersed around the world more visible and more accessible.

The CODART website has been given a completely new “look and feel,” with a large number of new functions that present our information using the latest technology. The design combines a modern, user-friendly structure with CODART’s familiar appearance. Thanks to interactive overviews with smart search functions, curators, museums, exhibitions and events can be found more easily, including on smart phones and tablets. The information about locations has been made visual and interactive using digital maps with GPS. We also continue to offer our followers the opportunity to receive news and information about current events by e-mail through our upgraded Notification Service.