GLAMi nomination: Icons 3D touchscreens

nominated by: Arul Baskaran, Museum for Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia
institution: Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

The Icons 3D touchscreen experience was designed to allow visitors to ‘touch’ and interact with a selection of celebrated and rarely-displayed objects from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences’ vast and diverse collection.

Visitors to the Icons exhibition are presented with two large screens installed in one of the title walls, featuring rotating 3D models of objects from the exhibition.

The screens invite visitors to “touch and explore” the 3D models.Visitors can touch a screen to zoom in, rotate and examine the objects at their own pace – using gestures similar to a smartphone.

The models feature highlight trigger spots, which when touched display a particular view of the object accompanied by a curator’s expert insights into its materiality and significance.

This project for Icons is the Museum’s first 3D scanned interactive within a gallery space. It is also an important step in the Museum’s ongoing digitisation efforts, of which 3D scanning is likely to play a growing part. The project was developed in collaboration with the the University of Technology Sydney and CSIRO Data61.

The article below has more information on the project as well as an embedded 3D viewer that offers an online taste of the Icons 3D experience.

3D scanning Icons from the MAAS Collection



Icons from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) collection, exhibition views. Level 3. Visitor, woman using touch screen interactive.