GLAMi nomination: Mughal Exhibition App

nominated by: Emily Hirsch, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA
institution: Cleveland Museum of Art
category: Museum-Wide Guide or Program

]The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Mughal Exhibition App is the first in a series of special exhibition mobile applications, designed in conjunction with “Art and Stories from Mughal India”, open July 31, 2016-October 23 2016. The Mughal Exhibition App incorporates the most popular features from the museum’s award-winning permanent collection app, the ArtLens App, offering a more in-depth and engaging experience for onsite and virtual visitors. The Mughal Exhibition App is the first app in a series that the museum will develop in conjunction with upcoming exhibitions. Each app will be similar in accessibility and features, but will also be unique to each exhibition.

A visitor at CMA’s “Art and Stories from Mughal India” uses the Mughal Exhibition App to look closer at a Mughal painting.

Key Features:
• A multimedia tour that highlights selected paintings and stories featured in the exhibition;
• Audio glossary with pronunciation and definitions for more than 100 names and terms;
• 100 tweetable facts, one for each of the 100 paintings in the exhibition;
• Interactive list of related events, including information about gallery tours, hours, ticketing, and more;
• Information on planning your visit to the museum, such as hours, parking, dining, and membership opportunities.
• Changes are pulled from the backend; updates by the curator are continuously updated dynamically and in real time

Audio Glossary:
Perhaps the most remarkable feature on the app is the audio glossary. The audio glossary not only defines specific terms found in the exhibition, but also provides audio pronunciations of these unique words. Visitors will not just become experts in their knowledge of the art and stories of the Mughals, but they will also sound like experts too.
Search or scroll through terms and click for pronunciation audio and definitions, which can also be accessed by clicking on underlined words throughout the app.

The Audio Glossary allows visitors to learn the pronunciation of the names they read in the exhibition.

The tour videos include images and narration for selected paintings in the exhibition. Once a video is playing, visitors can double-tap the image to enlarge it to full-screen. Tour stop numbers in the list correspond to numbers on the wall labels. Visitors have the option to access tour content directly from the scroll-through list with images, or by a using a traditional audio-guide keypad and selecting the tour number.

Each tour stop includes additional multimedia content, with high-resolution images that visitors can zoom in on.

100 Paintings / 100 Facts:
The Mughal Exhibition App contains exclusive content about selected works, providing interpretive and contextual information. This is an exhibition of miniatures and there are fascinating facts to be shared about the tiniest details. In honor of the museum’s centennial celebration, the app provides 100 facts for 100 paintings, each fact concise and tweetable with a detailed high-definition image. Scroll through to view each painting in the exhibition, refine your search by selecting a thematic section of the exhibition or search for keywords and/or artwork titles, and hit share to save images or share content with friends.

100 Paintings / 100 Facts includes exclusive content for 100 paintings from the exhibition, and is easily shareable.

The Mughal Exhibition App is available for free download on iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play.

From the Cleveland Museum of Art:
Jane Alexander (Chief Information/Digital Officer), Tom Barnard (Senior Designer, Bethany Corriveau (Audience Engagement Specialist), Stephanie Foster (Interpretation Specialist), Adam Gall (Project Manager), Kevin Kelly (Production Specialist), Katie Kilroy (Curatorial Assistant), Sonya Quintanilla (George P. Bickford Curator of Indian and Asian Art), Lori Wienke (Associate Director of Interpretation)

In order to design this unique app, the Cleveland Museum of Art partnered with DXY Solutions, a prominent creative technology agency based in Cleveland. DXY was strategically selected because of their expertise with experienced-based technology. Consequently, CMA Mughal Exhibition App represents the highest level of enhancing learning through experiences and making art accessible to all museum visitors.