GLAMi nomination: Promotion of Kazakhstan artists into global art market (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

nominated by: Dina Duspulova, art agency, Kazakhstan
institution: Art Agency
category: Marketing and Promotion

Promote Art Is Also Art

Kazakhstan Contemporary Art Gallery is a curated selection of contemporary arts to patrons, collectors and art investors. Founded in 2012, online gallery Dina Duspulova / KZ Art Invest showcases works by both Kazakhstan-based and international artists. We specialize on the worldwide trade of museum-quality contemporary art for private and corporative clients. Currently the website represents a strong international art group from 7 Kazakhstani and 4 foreign artists (India, USA, Canada). There are many proposals for their participation including the Biennale in Florence (October, 2017). To sell and buy extraordinary art via global reach, industry connections and expertise is our long perspective aim. We intend to increase the website accessibility for art collectors in Kazakhstan and beyond. Website will serve to developing Kazakhstan art market.
These days a new version website about artists of Kazakhstan in English titled DINA DUSPULOVA / KZ ART Invest, has been launched. It is a curated selection of contemporary arts from the best Kazakhstan and international artists for patrons, collectors and art investors. Today the first row Kazakhstan artists represent the national fine arts on the world art market online.
Welcome to !
Pleasure will receive not only lovers of beautiful. Those, who are interested in the commercial side of art will also find answers to questions about what the art market is and by what laws it works.