GLAMi nomination: Tomb Treasures 3D Experience

nominated by: Jonathan Lee, Asian Art Museum, USA
institution: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco’s Tomb Treasures exhibition tells the story of one of the most powerful civilizations in the ancient world, China’s Han dynasty. The exhibition brings together recent discoveries from a two thousand year-old royal tomb.

Designed for the exhibition, the museum’s Tomb Treasures 3D Experience enables visitors to explore a 3D model of Tomb 1 at Dayun Mountain, the tomb of Liu Fei, king of Jiangdu (153-128 BCE). Assembled using photography and reference material provided by the Nanjing Museum, the Tomb Treasures 3D Experience begins with an aerial view of a reconstructed Han Dynasty Royal Mausoleum; the burial mound is lifted to reveal Tombs 1 and 2 prior to presenting an interactive 3D of Tomb 1. Visitors can explore 12 different areas of the tomb, where different objects were discovered (objects on view are featured alongside the map). The Digital Wayfinding Experience is currently available onsite via a touchscreen kiosk and online at

Tomb Treasures: New Discoveries from China’s Han Dynasty is organized by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and Nanjing Museum.

Watch a video of UI Interaction: