GLAMi nomination: Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style Microsite

nominated by: Ella Dorband, Seattle Art Museum, USA
institution: Seattle Art Museum
category: Exhibition Media or Experience

This project was an exhibition microsite to introduce our audience to the haute couture designer, Yves Saint Laurent. The microsite was optimized for a mobile experience, which constitute 50% of visits to the museum’s website. The content is based around a newly translated interview with the designer. The WordPress microsite allowed our designer greater flexibility in animation and display.

The microsite features interspersed animation to highlight special aspects of the garments, animate images, or to simply provide a bit of surprise and delight throughout. Examples include sparkles on the trapeze dress, a gif of a photoshoot contact sheet, an a shine effect on select headlines.

(Screen shots of desktop and mobile views uploaded for reference, though experiencing the full site, including animations, is available and recommended at