Adaptive Content Strategies for Museums: Using Context for a Better Visitor Experience

Lightning Talk
Ariana French, American Museum of Natural History, USA

For most museums, websites function as an all-things-to-all-people product – full of information on programs, exhibitions, membership, and visit planning information. But how well does this help support and serve our visitors, when they’re on site? Or visitors who have purchased a ticket or membership, and have to hunt for newly relevant information?

At the American Museum of Natural History, we are experimenting with adaptive strategies to surface contextually relevant and channel-appropriate content to our visitors. For example, onsite mobile visitors will see a concisely tailored version of the homepage that is built to service onsite visitor needs. In another example, members will see a tailored program of events, based on their membership level and interests.

Our content strategies must evolve along with our visitors’ expectations. This lightning talk will highlight real case studies, data-driven outcomes, and the opportunities and challenges of applying dynamic content strategies in effective digital outreach.