Community of Practice: Immersive Storytelling (Agenda)

Community of Practice
Nancy Proctor, The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture, USA

The Immersive Storytelling Community of Practice collaborates around the processes and tools that create immersive, inclusive, and participatory experiences of cultural and scientific heritage. Topics include:

Virtual reality, transmedia, and augmenting reality with any tools (digital or analog);
Visitor-centric and participatory approaches to experience design, including playful and game-like experiences;
Crowdsourcing and working with a greater diversity of voices and stories from communities;
Institutional culture and its impact on experience design.
Projects that will be represented in this community include Wezitcamp, the open laboratory for digital innovation in the cultural heritage field, the MuseWeb Foundation’s Be Here, The Omnimuseum Project, and more.

Suggest your project, question, or other agenda item or just let us know you’d like to participate!

Wezit is an app maker software from the digital agency, Mazedia. Wezit is particularly adapted to the needs of museums. Wezitcamp is a think-and-do tank which was created by Wezit with the aim to stir conversations about the intersection of the digital and the cultural sectors. Its main goal is to come up – collectively – with solutions to solve the challenges that arts and culture professionals face. Wezitcamp is built on an approach combining Open Access (everything on the camp is public and can be used and remixed by the community) and on Open Innovation (we discuss and build solutions collaboratively). At the end of each theme, Wezitcamp creates a deliverable that is also shared on an Open Access basis. This can take multiple forms: a source code, a set of recommendations, game templates, plans to create an object, etc. At the moment, the theme we are working on is “Augmented Reality”, the next one (launching in April) will be “Transmedia Storytelling” and the following one (launching October/November) will be “Audiences and Access”.