Crowdsourcing a nation

Sandra Corbeil, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Canada, Fiona Smith Hale, Canada Science and Technology Museums, Canada, Christopher Jaja, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Canada

Published paper: Crowdsourcing a nation

In 2017, Canadians from coast to coast will celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. To mark this milestone, five of this country’s top science organizations have joined together in a year-long, nationwide celebration of our innovative past, and our exciting future.

In 2016, the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, along with its STEM partners, began to create a digital storybook that would help create, connect and celebrate Canada’s story of innovation.

Rather than solely pushing out stories “we” felt were worthy of sharing, we took a different approach. We decided to take a more participatory approach, which required us to built a platform that would allow Canadians to share “their” stories of innovation through user-generated content.

In this session, attendees will learn:

– How to identify your audience and their needs
– How to entice users (the public and partners) to submit user-generated content (e.g. campaigns, partnerships, etc.)
– How to continuously engage a community
– How to let go while maintaining relevant and quality content
– How to embrace a participatory approach
– How to build the required tools for successful user-generated platform
– How to measure success
– How to build a culture of innovation

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