Design Sprints for Awesome Teams: Running Design Sprints for Rapid Digital Product Development

Dana Mitroff Silvers, Designing Insights, USA

Design Sprints are intensive applications of the Design Thinking process to specific digital products. In this pre-conference workshop, we will introduce participants to the multi-phase framework, moving quickly from problem definition to rapid prototyping at an extremely fast pace.

Design Thinking is a set of methods and a mindset that combines empathy, creativity, and rationality to solve problems through a human-centered lens, and is the foundation upon which Design Sprints are built.

Come join us for this fun and high-energy workshop in which we’ll walk you through a hands-on design sprint and give you tools and resources to bring sprints back to your own organization—and make your team more awesome!

Attendees will learn:
– The phases of a Design Sprint
– The key mindsets of the Design Thinking process
– How to lay the foundation for solving problems from a visitor- and user-center perspective
– Ideation methods
– How to use time-boxing and voting to keep the group focused and get to decisions more quickly
– How to recruit museum visitors for user research and testing during your sprint
– Techniques for rapid prototyping and testing

D. Mitroff Silvers, "Running design sprints in museums: 5 lessons from the British Museum’s Product Development Group." Published in Sprint Stories, August 26, 2016.

D. Mitroff Silvers, "Design Thinking for Museums: How Phoenix Art Museum Ran a Design Sprint"
Guest blog post on Art Museum Teaching. Published May 23, 2016.

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