Design Sprints for Awesome Teams: Running Design Sprints for Rapid Digital Product Development

Dana Mitroff Silvers, Designing Insights, USA, Ahree Lee, UX Strategy + Research + Design, USA

Design Sprints are intensive applications of the Design Thinking process to specific digital products. In this pre-conference workshop, we will introduce participants to the multi-phase framework, moving quickly from problem definition to rapid prototyping at an extremely fast pace.

Design Thinking is a set of methods and a mindset that combines empathy, creativity, and rationality to solve problems through a human-centered lens, and is the foundation upon which Design Sprints are built.

Come join us for this fun and high-energy workshop in which we’ll walk you through a hands-on design sprint and give you tools and resources to bring sprints back to your own organization—and make your team more awesome!

Attendees will learn:
– The phases of a Design Sprint
– The key mindsets of the Design Thinking process
– How to lay the foundation for solving problems from a visitor- and user-center perspective
– Ideation methods
– How to use time-boxing and voting to keep the group focused and get to decisions more quickly
– How to recruit museum visitors for user research and testing during your sprint
– Techniques for rapid prototyping and testing

D. Mitroff Silvers, "Running design sprints in museums: 5 lessons from the British Museum’s Product Development Group." Published in Sprint Stories, August 26, 2016.

D. Mitroff Silvers, "Design Thinking for Museums: How Phoenix Art Museum Ran a Design Sprint"
Guest blog post on Art Museum Teaching. Published May 23, 2016.

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