Explorer Reimagined: The American Museum of Natural History App

Catherine Devine, Microsoft, USA, Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History, USA, Ariana French, American Museum of Natural History, USA

Explorer, the American Museum of Natural History’s app, has been recently relaunched and reimagined from the ground up. This release is designed to support the in-Museum visit experience in new ways, specifically a serendipitous Museum experience. That is the concept that as a visitor you can find out about what is immediately around you without needing to navigate to it.

Explorer originally launched in 2010 was ground-breaking in delivering on digital way-finding in an indoor space. We’ve updated this with a leading edge 850+ beacon implementation that supports location awareness and contextualized experiences. That is, Explorer knows where you are and can tell you the stories about what is immediately in front of you. No clicks!.

In addition, we’ve focused on providing multiple lenses of content that meet the needs of different visitors. Content that is fun, engaging, designed for mobile, designed for an in Museum visit and designed to inspire discussion with family and friends.

Explorer’s focus on contextualization and personalization amounts to delivering on a different experience for everyone. It answers the visitor questions of “What’s nearby that’s interesting?” or “What is that?”.