Embracing opportunities and risks in virtual reality

Professional Forum
Brian Dawson, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Digital storytelling and interactive media, such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, present a key opportunity for museums to engage contemporary and future audiences. Museums should be at the forefront of these emerging technologies, yet they are often perceived as too risky for museums to embrace. It is important that the museum community share experiences on how this can be done effectively and efficiently.

This professional form will allow attendees to participate in a discussion on how Virtual Reality can play a critical role in engaging museum audiences. Drawing upon the experiences of The Franklin Institute and The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, which have incorporated virtual reality and interactive media into their digital and corporate strategies, this forum will invite participants to share their experiences and explore questions on how their institutions can use VR to engage audiences; initiate interactive media projects; prototype experiences using visitor experiences; leverage partnerships and collaboration; and implement new technologies and manage risks within a museum environment.

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