Inclusion and Diversity in the 21st Century Museum

Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict, USA

Recognized as a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution, Beyond Conflict has spent the past 25 years working around the world to resolve conflict and promote lasting peace and reconciliation – playing an important role in promoting peace in Northern Ireland, reconciliation in South Africa and the Balkans, and most recently for engaging Pope Francis in the talks to end 60 years of diplomatic isolation between the U.S. & Cuba. Beyond Conflict is also widely acknowledged as the leader in catalyzing research in behavioral science to more effectively address conflict.

The challenges of inclusion and diversity and the difficulty of navigating complex social issues in an increasingly polarized environment are not unique to museums and cultural institutions. Countries around the world have struggled with the same challenges, and some of the biggest breakthroughs have come when they’ve recognized the shared experience of others – and learned from their hard-earned lessons. Beyond Conflict will share the powerful lessons learned from their conflict resolution work around the globe and key insights from the behavioral sciences. This workshop will explore how these can be applied to the institutional challenges of inclusion, diversity and broader cultural engagement.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

* An understanding of the importance of meaningful inclusion in creating more robust institutions.
* An understanding of what brain science and experience informs us about inclusion
* A framework for applying behavioral and experiential insights into practice to create more comprehensive and meaningful inclusion and diversity strategies.
* Strategies for building support for a more comprehensive approach to inclusion and diversity across management, governance, staff, and donors.