Intro to Digital Preservation: “Dynamic” web archiving and cloud emulation with Rhizome

Lyndsey Moulds, Rhizome, USA

In this workshop, participants will learn about the present state of digital preservation, discuss their own existing or speculative archives of born-digital materials, and get hands-on experience with the open-source tools Rhizome is creating to meet present and future urgencies: Webrecorder, a tool to archive the ‘dynamic’ web; bwFLA/Emulation as a Service, a framework which easily delivers variable emulators via cloud CPUs; and Oldweb.Today, an app connecting remote browsers and existing web archives. This workshop is led by Lyndsey Jane Moulds, a software engineer and Rhizome’s software curator, leading research on next generation emulation technologies.

"Big Data, Little Narration," Rhizome Preservation Director Dragan Espenschied:
EaaS Example, The Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: