Jumpstarting Your Digital Project

Sloan Miller, Consultant, USA

Are you in the planning stages of a new digital marketing project? Or have you recently begun a new digital project?

Maybe it’s a website redesign, replatforming, new branding project, mobile application, product launch, or other digital marketing campaign. Whatever your digital project is, this hands-on workshop will help you gain the skills to build a better foundation from which you can execute a successful project.

Together we will review the top reasons digital projects get started off on the wrong foot and common issues that sidetrack or delay them. We’ll also dive into how to prevent your project and team from losing time, morale, and money with the ultimate goal of helping you avoid project failure and mitigate risk as early as possible.

According to a 2015 digital project management study, only 64% of projects meet their goals. You have the power to change things.

Designed for museum, cultural, and non-profit professionals, marketing and communication teams, project managers, plus social media and digital strategists, through a series of activities and exercises we will help you learn the following techniques for planning and managing digital projects:

– Define and assess key digital components, functionality, and content needs
– Review common project types, industry vernacular and terminology, and available technologies
– Collaborate with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and potential creative and technology partners
– Establish the right size and scale for your project, including a general budget range and ideal timeline
– Build a realistic process for conducting preliminary research
– Discuss the typical request for proposal (RFP) and evaluation process associated with working with a potential external partner
– Learn tricks on how to best maintain communication channels, ensure you’re speaking the same language, and that your expectations are met

Sloan Miller is a Philadelphia based creative and technology industry veteran with expertise in operations, strategy, business development, managing marketing, digital, and development projects, and leading teams.

Sloan is an operations strategy consultant and freelance project manager. Over the last 16 years, he has guided complex eCommerce, mobile applications, marketing campaigns, responsive websites, and content management system projects of all shapes and sizes, across many sectors, for a range of large and small international, regional, and local clients and digital agencies.

Sloan’s passion for community engagement and mentoring extends beyond the Philadelphia creative and technology industry. He is a founding member of a regional project management meet-up with a national reach, and has spoken at several events on the topics of effective management of teams, projects, and process, teaches at the University of the Arts, and serves on the Ignite Philly curation committee. Follow him on Twitter @PMOwned. Learn more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sloanmillerpm