Managing CRM Implementation to Success

Professional Forum
Niki Krause, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, Luke McKenzie, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, USA, Allison Fippinger, Independent Consultant, USA

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in the arts and culture environment it is a “due yesterday” business-critical requirement. Managing successful CRM implementations and integration of CRM features and data across your web access points can be a daunting undertaking. How big is the project? Who should manage the project? Who should form the team? How long will it take, really, and how will you measure success at the end?

The challenges of constituent-centric projects are common across the museum, society, and performing arts genres. Still basking in the afterglow (aka, recovering from the stress) of successful launches, project team leaders with three different institutional roles — internal project manager, a technical leader, and an outside consultant — will share their perspectives on goals and goal-setting for CRM ecosystems, project ownership, implementation strategy, and their plans to measure success post-launch. They will discuss the pros and cons of project leadership from each position and share lessons learned, then open the room for what promises to be a lively and informative discussion for anyone thinking about a CRM implementation or already in the trenches.

What strategy should I employ when planning my CRM implementation/upgrade?
How can organizational culture shape my implementation?
What are effective strategies for managing a CRM project across multiple teams, locations, and organizational goals?
As a project leader, how can I structure our implementation team for best success?
As an institution, how do we engage our patrons in their own information management?
How do we ensure the scalability of our online portal?
How do we measure success of CRM implementation or web integration?
What can we expect in a post-launch world?
How can I plan for expanding CRM use, while we’re still implementing?

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