Publishing in the Museum and New Tech Journal from Shanghai University Museum

Birds of a Feather
Ji GUO, Shanghai University Museum, China

Find out about Shanghai University Museum’s Museums and New Tech Journal and how you can get your MW paper translated and published in Chinese!
Museums & New Tech is edited by Shanghai University Museum, introducing the new tech theory research and application cases in the museums across the globe, especially university museums. Since its initial publication in 2013, we have been concerned with the field of new technologies applied to the museums in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, India as well as China.

If you are now working on a museum project or you have relevant information to share, we sincerely expect you to contact us with a view to promoting US- China museum interactions.

Shanghai University Museum is an art museum displaying the arts and culture of Shanghai. The museum boats a planning area of 7,000 square meters, including over 5,000 square meters for indoor exhibitions (under construction), and 1,800 square meters for outdoor exhibition (now open to the public). The whole exhibition areas of the museum will open in 2018. In the museum, you will enjoy the arts of Shanghai (since the 19th century), and the history of Shanghai University (since 1922). There are nearly 1,000 square meters for temporary exhibitions as well as 200 square meters for classroom instruction.

The Museum will be a primary venue for the popular culture and pop arts of Shanghai and will also be open to the public, where the culture of Shanghai is diffused, educated, and researched.

You are welcome to recommend excellent art exhibitions to us, and we look forward to holding your wonderful exhibitions in our museum!