Transforming the Visitor Experience: Culturally Immersive Storytelling through Embodied Interactions.

Melissa Carrillo, Smithsonian Latino Center, USA, Stacey Fox, School of Journalism, Michigan State University, USA, Juana Roman, SLC, USA

The Smithsonian Latino Center (SLC), in partnership with MSU’s School of Journalism, will showcase and share ongoing investigative and scholarly research [case study] on ‘Culturally Immersive Storytelling’ using VR, AR and MoCap technologies. This installation proposal for the MW 2017 conference will demonstrate rapid prototyping approaches to engaging immersive and experiential visitor experiences showcasing Smithsonian Latino digital collections such as Day of the Dead and traditional Latino dance styles through an onsite mini ‘digi’ installation experience.

Be a part of the Story; Immerse Yourself!


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