Exploratorium Online Video Collection

Web Crit
Mark Andrews, Independent, USA, Rob Rothfarb, Exploratorium, USA

The Exploratorium video collection (www.exploratorium.edu/video) includes over 1300 original programs, from how-tos for fun, hands-on science activities to webcasts from remote scientific expeditions.

With a design that was over ten years old, the collection portal was in bad need of a redesign. The primary goals of this project are to (1) make our video collection mobile-friendly, (2) to update our video design to match our core site design, (3) to increase our videos’ discoverability and reach, and (4) to replace a difficult to maintain homegrown CMS with our core Drupal CMS.

Our redesigned Exploratorium Video Collection was soft launched in March 2017. This critique will examine how close we have come to reaching our goals.