Williams College Museum of Art website redesign

Web Crit
Kim Hugo, Williams College Museum of Art, USA

The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) is launching a redesign of their website in March of 2017. In order to create a web presence that aligns with our mission to incite new thinking about art, museums, and the world, we require a design capable of fully representing the museum as a dynamic, collaborative space.

The new WCMA website is designed by the internationally-renowned graphic design studio Linked by Air. When the design team first visited the museum they observed WCMA's unique approach to curation, teaching, and publics demonstrated through the use of space. One gallery is set up as a classroom lab, others resembled salon-style reading rooms, artist project spaces, or collection store-rooms. In the design for the website they sought to convey a tangible sense of crossing the thresholds of these spaces and give users the ability to orient themselves to virtual spaces, artworks, events, and even other visitors.