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Accessibility and Collaboration Discussions

Building More Inclusive Communities: Lessons From 25 Years on the Front Lines of Peace
Presenter: Tim Phillips, Beyond Conflict, USA
> Transcript of Keynote
> Video version

Completing the Picture: How a Graphical Interface for Understanding Modern Art is Meeting the Touch of Non-Sighted Visitors
Presenters: Thomas Ryun, Sina Bahram @SinaBahram, Peter Samis @psamis, Scott Thiessen

Culture Collaboratory: Virtual Workspace for Collections Research and Management
Presenters: Lisa Dannebaum and Francesca Kaes

How to Make Accessible Social Media Posts 
Presenter: Sina Bahram @SinaBahram
> Video version

Inclusive Design & Accessibility At Microsoft With Additional Focus On Microsoft Translator (2 Videos)
Presenters: Ryan Gaspar and Will Lewis

#MuseumsLove: Working Together to Promote Local Cultural Institutions
Presenters: Kate Meyers @DigitalLark and Hannah Barry @HRoseBarry

Museums Without Walls: Breaking Across the Borders of Organizational Structure & Preparing the Next Generation of Museum Professional in the Digital Age
Presenter: Adrienne D’Angelo @MuseumsWithoutWalls

Project Describe at the American Museum of Natural History (Video)
Lightning Talk Presenter: Ariana French

Touch & Go: Creating an Independent Touch Tour for Low-Vision Users Using 3D printing, Tactile Sensors, and Sound (Video)
Presenter: Christine Murray, Antenna International, USA

Vizcaya: Accessibility and Technology
Presenter: Mark Osterman


A vendor at MW17 fits a conference goer with a virtual reality headset.

Tech, VR, and Augmented Reality Discussions

Building Distributed Online Exhibitions with IIIIF–International Image Interoperability Framework
Presenters: Michael Appleby @mikeapps and RS Anderson @azaroth42

Creating the Smart Museum: The Intersection of Digital Strategy, Kiosks and Native Mobile
Presenters: Jonathan Lee and Mark Paddon

Augmented and Mixed Reality Design for Contested and Challenging Histories
Presenter: Maria Engberg @MariaAnnaME

Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Museums
Presenters: Brendan Ciecko

Getting your Museum into the 3D and VR Realm
Presenters: Daniel Pett @dejpett and Thomas Flynn @nebulousflynn

The Kavli Fulldome Lectures: From Domecasting to VRcasting (Video)
Lightning Talk Presenter: Laura Trouille and Mark SubbaRao

Running the Hamster Wheel: Developing and Maintaining an Online Collections Hub National Museums of Scotland Lightning Talk (Video)
Presenter: Elaine Macintyre @elainemacintyre

Staying safe: Cybersecurity in Modern Museums
Presenter: Wendy Pryor

Thinking in DCDOC:CRM: A Programmer’s Perspective
Presenter: Henry David

Ticket Scalping Technology and the Effects on the Arts and Cultural Markets
Presenter: Katie Grennan

A crowded room of conference goers at the MW17 meeting in Cleveland, 2017.

Location-Aware and Mobile Topics

Acoustiguide Creative: Here Be Dragons: Making Maps (and Mistakes) in Museums
Presenters: John Simoniello, Acoustiguide; Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History; Jennifer Fazekas Longwood Gardens; Angela Kim The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Troy Lachance Bluecadet

Audio that Moves You: Experiments with Location-Aware Storytelling in the SFMOMA App
Presenter: Stephanie Pau @17reasons

Layered Learning: Developing and Utilizing Integrated Systems through Mobile Platforms to Enrich and Expand Interpretation
Presenters: Ryan Waggoner, Jennifer Talbott, Robert Hicker, and Kristina Walk

No. It Doesn’t Distract from the Art
Presenter: Megan DiRienzo

Our Work Is Never Done: Evaluation and Iteration for a New Audio Guide
Presenters: Natalia Hudelson, Casey Scott-Songin, and Han Li

A group of MW17 conference goers talk about social media advocacy.

Visitor-Centered, Education, Social Media

Crowdsourcing Content And Improving Visitors Participation: A Case Study Of Unique Visitors Platform
Presenters: Ana Basso @AnaLuCB and Conxa Roda @Innova2

Discovering, Creating, And Sharing Digital Museum Resources: Understanding The Needs And Behaviors Of Youth Users
Presenters: Darren Milligan @darrenmilligan and Melissa Wadman @melwad

Electronic Textbooks for K12 Education: Redesigning Ohio as America for the Modern Classroom
Presenters: Ty Pierce @tmlpierce, Alexandria Halmbacher

History Hub Lightning Talk
Presenter: Allen-Greil, Dana @danamuses

Presenters: Mara Naiditch, Edgar Chamorro, Nick Hulea, CJ Bruce, and Alex Deleuse

Interstitial Spaces: Social Media as a Tool for Community Engagement: “Portraits of Clevelanders” The Cleveland Museum of Art
Presenters: Seema Rao, Chris Moore, and Taylor Hoffman

It’s in the Game: Generating Playful Museum Experiences at National Museums Scotland
Presenters: Rob Cawston @cawston, Lindsey Green, Dan Efergan Aardman

Mentoring Your Multimedia Intern (Video)
Presenter: Ryan King

Museum at Your Fingertips: Telepresence Tours for Schools
Presenter: Julia Falkowski @JDFalko

Up Close and Personal with the Mauritshuis (Video)
Lightning Talk Presenter: Sandra Verdel

The Visitor-Centered Museum, Closing Plenary
Presenter: Peter Samis
Transcript of Closing Plenary
> Video

The Visitor-Centered Museum, Closing Plenary
Presenter: Merilee Mostov
Transcript of Closing Plenary
> Video

Using Movement to Captivate: Cleveland Museum of Art’s Studio Play as a Case Study in Creating Immersive, Meaningful Experiences by Removing the Interface
Presenter: Jane Alexander @janecalexander

Visual Literacy in Young Children
Presenters: Anthony Volpe and Irene Lopatovska

A group of MW17 attendees talk at a table during the birds of a feather breakfast.

Strategy and Process Discussions

Attack of the 100-year-old Start Ups? Lightning Talk
Presenter: Brendan Ciecko @brendanciecko

Choosing Rights: Before and After Your Collection Goes Online (Video)
Presenter of Lightning Talk: Melinda Jane Tomerlin

Digital Strategy in Action
Presenter: Mark Osterman

Discarding the Superfluous on the Great CMS Quest (Video)
Lightning Talk Presenter: Courtney O’Callaghan

Design Sprints for Awesome Teams Running Design Sprints for Rapid Digital Product Development
Presenters: Dana Mitroff Silvers @dmitroff and Ahree Lee @ahreelee

Photography Encouraged: Reshaping Museum Photography Policies
Presenter: Jennifer Poleon @ohiofoodlovers @columbusmuseum

Standardizing Museum Provenance for the Twenty-First Century–Lessons Learned Building Art Tracks
Presenter: Newberry, David: @workergnome

Strategy 3.0: What is Digital Strategy Now?
Presenters: Max Evjen @cantus94, Dana Allen-Greil @danamuses, Emily Lytle-Painter @MuseumofEmily, Rob Stein @rjstein

Stuck in the Middle with You: How to Balance External Stakeholders Requirements with Demands for an Agile Agency
Presenters: Gavin Mallory @Gavin_Mallory and Heidi Quicksilver @MissHQ

Successful Projects Begin with Better RFPs
Presenters: Eric Holter @ericholter and Emily Lytle-Painter @MuseumofEmily

Transforming a Museum through Product Management 
Presenter: Lucie Paterson @luciepaterson

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