Volunteer Application

Applications for Volunteer positions are due by December 23, 2016.

By completing and submitting the volunteer contract below you are agreeing to volunteer at MW17. You are taking a position that could be offered to another willing person. It is, therefore, essential that you attend the conference and fulfil your obligations as outlined below.

Schedules will depend on your availability and will be agreed with the volunteer coordinator.

Please start the application process by entering your email address:


I understand the terms of the MW17 Volunteer Contract, and explicitly agree to perform the following duties:

  • prepare registrants packets;
  • train for the other tasks that will be assigned;
  • register attendees in my two assigned 3 hour shifts on the registration desk;
  • monitor my assigned conference sessions, put up session signs, place speaker “tents”, greet the chair and speakers, observe the progress of the session and report to the organizers any technical or other problems that arise;
  • guide others to buses for social events or to other conference activities.

I understand that in return for my assistance at MW17, Museums and the Web will waive the registration fee associated with my attendance at the conference. Should I fail to fulfil my obligation, I agree that I am responsible for and will pay the applicable registration fee.

By clicking the Submit button I hereby confirm my application and agree to all terms and conditions herein.