Building an interactive storytelling experience with your collection’s highest quality digitizations

Koldo Garcia, Madpixel, Spain

Probably your museum has already digitized its collection, or is planning to do it, with the idea of developing a digital resource which increases access to your collection and its narratives. Probably the artworks were / will be captured at the highest resolution possible. But now, what can you do with these images? Can they get published on your website or app, at the quality they were digitized? Can you enrich them with stories to offer your audience an engaging and interactive experience? Is there any affordable and easy-to-use way to do it?

During this workshop we will teach you to get the most of your museum digitizations by building amazing interactive experiences with them. We will take advantage of the Second Canvas platform, currently used by institutions as Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Mauritshuis Museum or Prado Museum, to create, in a few steps, without technical skills and with your own content, a wonderful native demo app you will be able to test on your own device.

We will just need from you a selection of your digitized artworks (at the highest resolution you have it), and some texts to enrich these images with an attractive and interactive storytelling (we will provide you with accurate directions on both things when you register online).

If you get satisfied with the demo app, we will be delighted to help you after the workshop to finally get your app published on the AppStore (iPhone, iPad and AppleTV) and on GooglePlay (Android devices).