Linked Open Data (LOD) Vocabularies: Querying, Dumping, Re-Using, and Serving

How-to Session
Marcia Zeng, Kent State University, USA, Gregg Garcia, J. Paul Getty Trust, USA, Jonathan Ward, J. Paul Getty Trust, USA

Many thesauri and name authorities that are used by the library, archive, and museum (LAM) communities have been made into Linked Open Data during the past few years. Nevertheless, there has been a gap between the vocabulary developers/publishers and the users in the LAM professions. Some fares of unfamiliar terms such as Sparql end-point, triples, and RDF serializations (syntaxes) have prevented the LAM professionals from using the LOD vocabularies. This How-to-session will use the LOD vocabularies produced by the Getty Research Institute to demonstrate:
• how to query the open data from the thesauri and name authority files using the query templates developed,
• how to obtain the datasets based on the queries,
• how to compile micro-thesauri based on specific needs,
• how to extend the functions of such vocabularies to serving researchers, and
• how to learn more about the skills and knowledge about Linked Data.
The session will present various roadmaps to enable both non-techy and techy professionals to see and reach the goals at different levels. The session will also introduce the Linked Data Competency Index and related open resources for learning Linked Data, developed by a UMLS funded project, Linked Data for Professional Educators (LD4PE). No technology skill and background is required to participate in this session.

Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data [webpage]
 Publications about Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data, training materials, and technical documentation
Cobb, Joan. "The Journey to Linked Open Data: The Getty Vocabularies." Journal of Library Metadata 15, no. 3-4 (2015): 142-156.