MuPop – the Museum Pop-up exhibition tool

Brigitte Jansen, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

MuPop is a tool that bring digitized cultural objects back into the physical museum space. It lets curators easily build an (interactive) storyline for a local installation in a museum setting, or at other locations.

The idea is that people walk into a room and use their own mobile phone to interact with an exhibition that is displayed on big screens inside the room. The interaction includes (1) content selection (what do you want to see), (2) navigation with a chosen theme/subject, (3) interaction with a specific art-work (4) answering more education / triggering questions in relation to the art-work.

The goal is to engage user participation with cultural collections, by transferring a casual passerby into a museum visitor with our pop-up museum which is interjected into an existing space.