Open Innovation: Open movements and the role of a museum in the 21st century.

Brian Dawson, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Fiona Smith Hale, Canada Science and Technology Museums, Canada, Sandra Corbeil, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Canada

Published paper: Open innovation: Open movements and the role of a museum in the 21st century.

Open movements such as open data, open information, and open participation offer important opportunities for museums to allow stakeholders to engage with institutions’ missions’, and to reposition the role of the museum for the 21st century.
This session will explore how museums can use these initiatives as a site of open innovation, inviting participants as well as academic, enterprise, and cultural collaborators to engage with visitors on new applications. By exploring the opportunities and challenges presented by being open, the session will look at some of the practical examples on the ground, inviting a discussion on the role of museums in contemporary society and how we can allow more participants to help fulfill the mission of the museum.

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