The Lean Museum: metrics for innovation and continuous improvement (lean sigma white belt certification)

Angie Judge, Dexibit, New Zealand

Change is our only constant. Every museum must strive to innovate and improve, with the added complexity of being challenged to do more with less. Drawing on over a century of management thinking from names such as Frederick Taylor, Henry Ford and William Edwards Deming, distilling decades of experience at companies such as Toyota and Motorola, lean sigma provides a structured analytical leadership framework to explore new ideas and strive for quality. The Lean Museum takes all this and more, providing cultural sector leaders with an introduction to metrics driven management techniques.

Using case studies such as the design of a new website at the Art Gallery of Ontario and a visitor experience improvement program at the Musical Instruments Museum, this workshop will provide example and exercise based group learning opportunities, introduce take home management tools and provide white belt level training certification for lean sigma.

Each attendee will receive a white belt certificate of attendance.

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