Using the LIDO Exchange Format to create an Easy Access Web Interface to generate Input for a Database implementing the CIDOC CRM

Tobias Baumgaertner, University of Passau, Germany, Franz Lehner, University of Passau, Germany

Published paper: The technical aspects of museum information vs. the museum professionals point of view: a conceptual change of perspective on data processing

This paper highlights the key issues with information inquiry, input, and presentation in the context of museums and art galleries.
The main intention from the technical point of view is to provide easy access to available metadata in the museum application domain. Data shall be available to developers, visitors, and museum professionals alike, both intra- and inter-institutional.
Museum professionals on the other hand are often not acquainted with the “behind the scenes” processes of data input and transformation, especially in small and medium size institutions.
Therefore, it is essential to provide interfaces and data structures that enable the import and export, and simplify the digital input and editing of new data revolving around objects, actors, and events.
We propose a conceptual idea supporting the person interacting with the backend system—the user—while not being too disruptive to the processes in place today.